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748RS00 Tech

   Ducati 748RS00 - The Beast

Well here we go; the quick guide round the interesting bits on our new toy:

Ducati 748RS00*000666

View from the left, Carbon carbon everywhere.  Note carbon computer holder, positioning of computer at front, kill switch and starter button relocated to left (space filled by new 'quick shift button' on right). Also size of water and oil rads, and pipe runs (using aluminium pipe sections to prevent collapse).

Zoom in (41k)

Close shot of rad, plumbing, new style airbox, fuel lines, carbon overflow tank, military connectors in special teflon protected wiring loom.

Zoom in (54k)

Front three quarter view, note upside down Corse sticker.

Zoom in (44k)

General view right side, Note: open belts, size of pulleys, size of battery, one piece rear wheel nut with R clip, blanked off lambda locations in exhaust.

Zoom in (46k)

Close up of new size pulley wheel and vented aluminium side cover.

Zoom in (26k)

Friends legs and feet, steel SPS clutch basket containing proprietary anti hop clutch hub (ball bearing type); fuel injection system and handle bar fixings (note non detent kill switch on right (!) for power shifting).

Zoom in (49k)

Airbox detail, note inlet tract length, metal fuel system plugs and open belts.

Zoom in (42k)

Note large type oil reservoir on shock and easy access preload adjuster. Also 'as delivered' footrest assembly.

Zoom in (68k)

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